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Queer, Black Geeks, Unite!

I got to do an awesome interview with long time community friend and newly minted QWOC Wire Writer Tiffany Y. Ates about my involvement with Shawty Got Skillz!

Digital humanities dissident, Moya Bailey, has sculpted a yellow brick road in cyberspace for women of color. This summer she will travel to Detroit, along with her collective, Shawty Got Skills, to conduct a three-hour workshop at the 14th annual Allied Media Conference. As the ‘founder and co-conspirator’ of Quirky Black Girls, blogger for the Crunk Feminist Collective, and graduate student, it’s amazing she even had time to squeeze us in for an interview (virtual, of course). I asked Moya to share more about her skill share, their objectives, and her cosmic digital endeavors.

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Thoughts on THATCamp CHNM!

I had the good fortune to attend THATCamp CHNM last week and it was awesome!!!

After a day long English language nerd field trip, I arrived at THATCamp CHNM. The workshops offered were wonderful and I’m super confident about my Omeka and newly acquired Viewshare skills. I particularly enjoyed the mobile apps workshop which made something seemingly beyond my scope of learning, all the more accessible. Thanks Mike!

I met some of the #transformdh folks in person for the first time and had the opportunity to geek out about blogging pedagogy with Mark Sample and others. We started  a dichotomy for when/how to use class blogs that I hope folks will try to finish. It was inside that session that I realized what I like most about THATCamp is a call to create something in the moment and to fix a problem within our allotted hour and a half.

I really wanted that for the future of digital publishing session. There’s so much amazing work that people are creating that doesn’t “count” towards tenure and promotion in the current system. The question was posed, if we love doing the work does it matter if it doesn’t count? It seems people have different answers at different stages of their academic careers with tenured professors much more likely to take risks while grad students and junior faculty ask is this ok? The session left me wondering how a collective DH call to university administrators and departments could help shift current standards. I still wonder why some DH is visible as such and others is not.  So much of what I see in af-am and other oppressed peoples studies tries to make work accessible/accountable to communities outside the academy which more often than not includes a digital component. How can THATCamps attract a more diverse academic audience from a wide range of humanities disciplinary backgrounds?

I’m super excited about the practice of THATCamps being connected to other conferences and I wonder if that might remain a strategy for engaging new communities of scholars. I’m already dreaming up a session proposal for my next THATCamp experience 🙂

Relax, Relate, Release!

Image of the pacific coast at sunset

I take advice from my favorite 80’s/90’s TV show, A Different World. Whitley was having all these problems and her therapist told her to relax, relate, and release (2 Min mark). I’ve taken it to heart!

Relax– I’ve been running on E because it’s the end of the semester and I don’t know how/if I can pay my bills next year. I’ve gotten my reoccurring eye twitch back and tingly numbness in my arm. Stress. So in an effort to alleviate these tensions I’m going with what I know helps me relax. Good food, hugs, sunshine, and music. All day, all the time (you are welcome to contribute any and all of these)!

Relate– I’m not the only one going through it in this economy and I definitely haven’t gotten the worst of it. With the slight bit of class and educational privilege I have, I know some couches I can crash on, some free meals I can eat. I commiserate with friends about the unideal nature of things and honestly it’s comforting to remember that you are not alone.

Release– I’m letting go of my guilt. I’m letting go of feeling like I am a failure because I failed. I try to live by the four agreements so I’ve done my best. If I still fail, I know it’s not because I didn’t give it my all. And sometimes, failure happens.

I’m gonna be ok. This too shall pass. And in the mean time, I’ll remember to relax, relate, release!

White Coats, White Doctors: The Flexner Report’s Continued Impact on Medical Student Education

Inset image of a freshman medical student looking like a slave while the sophomore looks refined.


In the afternoon of March 3, I’ll be presenting a bit of my dissertation research at the Southern Association for the History of Medicine and Science Conference in the Basswood Room of the Emory Conference Center at 2:45 pm. Come through!

I’ll tell you about this picture!

Beyond Access: Why Disability Matters a talk by @miamingus

Mia Mingus sits on the back of the U-haul she took to California

[View the story “Beyond Access: Why Disability Matters a talk by @miamingus” on Storify]

Black Thought 2.0 Conference April 6-7 @Duke

Screen Shot of Black Thought 2.0 Conference website


I’m super geeked to be presenting at the Duke University Black Thought 2.0 Conference April 7 at 1: 30 pm. I’ll be repping the Crunk Feminist Collective and paneling with the wonder twin, Alexis Pauline Gumbs. They also have me listed as a Ph.D. which is simultaneously motivating and terrifying.

Conference organizers will be live streaming and tweeting the event as well.

Alternative Academic Careers @EmoryDiSC

[View the story “Alternative Academic Careers DiSCussion @EmoryDiSC” on Storify]

Task Managers

Screen capture of the open program producteev

So I’ve decided to give a new task manager a try as Google tasks was not quite cutting it for me. I am now a 40 minute user of producteev and so far so good! Anyone else have task managers that they like?

Vampires and Cyborgs: Transhuman Ability and Ableism in the work of Octavia Butler and Janelle Monáe


The afrofuturist dystopic visions of Octavia Butler and Janelle Monáe tip on the tightrope of critical disability studies through the possibilities and limitations they reveal for post-human bodies. In Butler’s speculative fiction, disabled characters are gifted with transhuman abilities that are also impairments, making them hypervisible vulnerable targets of violence. Ableism in her texts is both challenged and reinforced by narratives that value interdependence yet punish through impairment. Genre defying musician Janelle Monáe enacts the same duality in her own work. In her first album-length project, Monáe explores cyborg identity and uses schizophrenia as a metaphor for freedom. She embraces her “crazy,” but her liberal use of the term, along with the equally contested appellation “schizo,” fosters an ambivalent reception to the disability justice content in her work.

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Ladybug on a plant tendril

Hello world!

This is my website. I’ll talk about my research, share publications, projects, and processes on these pages (I love alliteration!).

I’m currently a graduate student at Emory University finishing a PhD in Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies.

Take a look around! Follow me on Twitter!

Looking forward to connecting!



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