SWAG Diplomacy

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I’ve always loved building things. When I was a kid I used to have Dream Builders, which were essentially Legos for girls that were pastel pink and purple. I loved to build structures and pull them apart. As I recall, the sets steered you towards building “girly” structures like nurseries, and “playgrounds too, a building set made just for you…” Whoa! Jingles are marketing gold. Anyway, my early memories with these supposedly gender appropriate building blocks come back as I reflect on why DH gets me going. It’s in the building and making connections. I digress…

I’m happy to announce Dr. Stephanie Evans project “SWAG Diplomacy” a project built in Viewshare, a platform I taught her to use after I had the good fortune to learn about it at THATCamp CHNM. SWAG Diplomacy, as described by Dr. Evans, “maps locations of 200 African American autobiographers who wrote international travel memoirs.” You can click on a country and see all the famous African Americans who wrote about traveling there. You can click on a person and discover the places they traveled. You get a sense of the amazing places that Black folks have been and the cross pollination of cultures beyond the Diaspora.

Anyway, I’m excited that it’s up and ready to be explored. There’s nothing like working with a scholar and showing them there’s a way to get what they have in their head out into the world where others can access it. So proud to have been a part!

Tell your friends and check it out!


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