Misogynoir in Medicine

On June 24, 1983, Byllye Avery welcomed busloads of Black women to the campus of Spelman College in Atlanta. She was in a state of disbelief. The women had traveled from Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania — even as far away as California — for a three-day event billed as the First National Conference on Black Women’s Health Issues.

Dara Mathis for NYT Times

The year I was born, 21 days after I was born, a historic conference took place at my future Alma Mater. I picked today to make known my effort to further the work with my documentary, Misogynoir in Medicine. I hope you will join me and the team in creating a film that considers Black women’s health as a critical issue for our life and times. Check out our website to learn more, support the work, and see a little bit of what we have in store.

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